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LimbPower Events Programme

A new exciting opportunity has been developed by Limbpower for young people and adults with a physical disability to take part in a number of opportunities in the next couple of months – they include multisports events which include climbing, wheelchair basketball, track and field athletics, cycling, sitting volleyball, tennis, archery and football and competitions. For more for information about LimbPower and their new series of multi-sport events please visit or contact Andy Brittles, LimbPower National Sport Development Officer. Email or call 07503 030502.


  • Sunday 25 June - St Mary’s University, Twickenham
  • Saturday 16 September - Small Heath Wellbeing Centre, Birmingham
  • Saturday 7 October - English Institute of Sport, Sheffield

Please see the Adult flyer here


  • Saturday 24 June - LimbPower Junior Games Birmingham, at Small Heath Wellbeing Centre.
  • Saturday 30 September - LimbPower Junior Games Stoke Mandeville, at Stoke Mandeville Stadium.

Please see the Junior flyer here

Limbpower adult and junior