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What we do at School

Online safety is an important part of our curriculum at Ellesmere College and is covered in subjects such as ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education)


What do we teach our students?

  • Ensure the information you find is useful, relevant and accurate
  • Check that the information is truthful and not biased
  • Keep personal information private, and remember what you say and do online is public
  • Check your account security settings and make your profile private
  • Do not open unknown links or attachments and block those who send you nasty messages
  • If anyone asks to meet you offline, discuss it first with an adult you trust
  • Report anything you find upsetting, including online/electronic bullying
  • Inappropriate sites and images are blocked
  • External monitoring of computer use- we can see when students have accessed gaming sites and use explicit or inappropriate language on the computer
  • Staff work closely with students to help them understand why some things are unsafe or wrong
  • Staff closely supervise students when using computers, laptops and tablets in school
  • Internet Safety Week celebrated across the college each year

If you would like more advice or a discussion on E-Safety, Debbie Shaw the College Parent Link Worker runs workshops for parents throughout the year, please contact our Reception Team if you would like more information