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What you can do at Home

Here some ideas that might help you and your young person stay safe online

  • Talk with your family and young person about what they access and what is and isn’t safe
  • Filters- Set filtering restrictions with your Internet Provider, this could be blocking access at night or reducing the amount of inappropriate content
  • Set parental controls on devices- all devices have the ability for parents to set controls and reduce the access to certain features of the device. On smartphones and tablets, this can be features such as the camera and Internet. On gaming devices, parents have the ability to set time limits and the types of games played
  • Age appropriate content- Peer pressure can mean that some children want access to more mature apps and video games. Ratings system are there to support parents and let children know if the content is unsuitable for their age group. Check age ratings before you buy games
  • Set limits on how long they can be online- it is important that children have active lifestyles and that they don’t look at device screens for too long.
  • Days off- Have ‘digital detox’ days where children don’t have access to their devices
  • Personal information- emphasise that personal information should not be shared. This includes turning off GPS settings so that individuals do not know what location you are posting information from
  • Have a 'digital half hour' once a week where you talk about what they are doing online
  • Familiarise yourself with the sort of things your young people is accessing- research the games, apps and content (videos, pictures and websites)
  • Show best practice – try not to use your devices 30 minutes before bed time or don’t use them in your bedroom at all
  • Restrict access– agree rules for everyone to follow
  • Set the accounts up yourself so you know passwords and privacy settings
  • Remember being a ‘friend’ with someone on social media does not always mean they are your friend