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Annual Reviews / EHCP

  • All students at Ellesmere College currently have a statement of Special Educational Needs. Each student will have their statement reviewed in accordance with the SEN Code of Conduct every year.

  • Parents / Carers will be invited to the Annual Review and receive a copy of the students’ report before the meeting.

  • Any other agencies involved with the students’ education, health or social care will also receive an invite.

  • Statements are changing over the next few years to become EDUCATION, HEALTH, and CARE PLANS. Please see here for further information about EHCPs in Leicester City


SEN (Special Education Needs) Information Report

The SEN information report outlines the College's provision for pupils with SEN and how we will implement our SEN policy. The report also explains the Local Authority Local Offer which gives children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) and their families information about local help and services..

Please view the report here

Further information can also be found on the Local Offer websites: