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Jargon Buster

Below are a list of acronyms that are commonly used in and around Ellesmere College and our students:


  • ADD- Attention Deficit Disorder
  • ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • AS- Asperger Syndrome
  • ASC- Autistic Spectrum Condition
  • ASD- Autistic Spectrum Disorder


  • BESD- Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties
  • BSL- British Sign Language


  • CAF- Common Assessment Framework
  • CAMHS- Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
  • CIN- Child in Need
  • CoP- Code of Practice
  • CP- Child Protection
  • CYP- Children and Young People


  • D&T- Design and Technology
  • DDA- Disability Discrimination Act


  • EAL- English as an Additional Language
  • EHCP- Education Health Care Plan
  • EP- Educational Psychologist
  • EWO- Educational Welfare Officer
  • EY- Early Years
  • EYFS- Early Years Foundation Stage


  • FAS- Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  • FASD- Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
  • FSM- Free School Meals


  • GCSE- General Certificate of Secondary Education
  • GLD- Global Learning Delay


  • HI- Hearing Impaired/ Impairment
  • HLTA- Higher Level Teaching Assistant


  • ICT- Internet and Communication Technology
  • IEP- Individual Education Plan
  • IRP- Independent Review Panel
  • ITA- Intervention Teaching Assistant


  • LA- Local Authority
  • LAC- Looked After Children
  • LARM- Locality Allocation and Review Meeting
  • LDD- Learning Difficulties and Disabilities
  • LO- Local Offer
  • LSCB- Local Safeguarding Children Board


  • MARAG- Multi Agency Referral Action Group
  • MAST- Multi Agency Strategy Team
  • MFL- Modern Foreign Languages
  • MLD- Moderate Learning Difficulty


  • ODD- Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  • OL- Outdoor Learning
  • OT- Occupational Therapist


  • PDA- Pathological Demand Avoidance
  • PE- Physical Education
  • PECS- Picture Exchange Communication System
  • PEP- Personal Education Plan (for looked after children)
  • PLP- Personal Learning Plan
  • PMLD- Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties
  • PP- Pupil Premium
  • PSHE- Personal, Social and Health Education


  • RAD- Reactive Attachment Disorder
  • RE- Religious Education


  • SALT- Speech and Language Therapy
  • SDQ- Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire
  • SEAL- Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning
  • SEMHT- Social Emotional Mental Health Team
  • SEN- Special Educational Needs
  • SENCo Special Educational Needs Coordinator
  • SEND- Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities
  • SLCN- Speech, Language and Communication Needs
  • SLD- Severe Learning Difficulty
  • SLT- Senior Leadership Team
  • SM- Selective Mutism (formerly known as elective mutism)
  • SPDs- Sensory Processing Disorders
  • SpLD- Specific Learning Difficulty
  • SSO- Student Support Officer
  • START- Statutory Assessment Resources Team


  • TA- Teaching Assistant
  • TAC- Team Around the Child
  • TAF- Team Around the Family (when CAF is about whole family)
  • TFF- Together For Families


  • VI- Visual Impaired/ Impairment