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Governors' Committees

Governors meetings are structured around three areas:

  • Personnel and Finance
  • Buildings, Site and Health and Safety 
  • Strategic Development 

Please see below for some of the themes covered by each committee.  

Personnel and Finance Committee

Committee Chair: Martin Bell

Finance Matters (Budget and Outturn Statement, Ellesmere Supporters, Community Update), Personnel Matters (Staffing, Well Being Programme, Recruitment/ Resignations, Staff Absence, Continuing Professional Development, Appraisals), General Matters (College Inventory/ Disposals, Policy Review, Quotes for Consideration, BSF Update, Confidentiality of Business, Any Other Business

    Terms of reference for the Governors Personnel and Finance Committee   

Buildings, Site and Health and Safety Committee

Committee Chair: Vicki Gifford

Health and Safety Matters, External Reports, Capital Projects (Current and Proposed Projects and Upcoming Projects), Building Schools For the Future (Snags and Issues), General Matters (Terms of Reference, Policy Review, Confidentiality of Business, Any Other Business).

   Terms of reference for the Governors Buildings, Site and Health & Safety Committee   

Strategic Development Committee

Committee Chair: Vicky Gifford

Teaching and Learning (Standards and Data, Curriculum), Quality Assurance (Self Evaluation and College Development Plan, Teacher Standards), Strategy (Whole College Development, Community Links), Policy Review and Development.

   Terms of reference for the Governors Strategic Development Committee   

Full Governors' Committee

Matters from each Committee are brought for discussion and decision making at Full Governors Committee meetings. 


Governor's Attendance at Meetings

Attendance 2016 18