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Ellesmere College Mission Statement

EC logo no14Together we learn, together we achieve! Learning to succeed.

Ellesmere College Vision

We aim to be:

  • a purposeful, happy and supportive environment, within which students achieve their full potential
  • a college where learning is exciting, purposeful and challenging
  • a college where teaching and learning experiences inspire confidence in personal skills, bring academic success and develop worthwhile lifelong opportunities for all
  • a college where everyone who works and learn are inspired to reach their full potential
  • a college where partnerships with home and other agencies are seen as vital in supporting individual students to achieve their full potential

We aim to:

  • develop confident learners who take ownership of their learning and are proud of their achievements
  • develop students to be independent, responsible, contributing members of their own community
  • develop a community with a family atmosphere based on care, courtesy and consideration
  • develop the capacity to respond to both local and national challenges and initiatives


Ellesmere College Values

These values are the principles we use to inform our daily actions at Ellesmere College.

  • We value a culture where tolerance, courtesy, respect, trust and compassion foster good relationships, and where people are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions.
  • We value individuality and diversity amongst individuals. In particular we seek to ensure that everyone avoids discrimination on the basis of physical appearance, belief, gender, ethnicity, disability or sexuality.
  • We value the emotional and physical well being of everyone in our community.
  • We value all the complementary strands of a high quality and individualised education: social, moral, academic, creative, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Ellemere College Aims

 For achievement and standards

  • We want to create a college:
    • which has high standards for achievement
    • where all lessons are judged to be good or better
    • where a clear emphasis is placed on key skills (literacy, numeracy, social and emotional development)
    • where all students know and understand the next steps in their learning
    • which prepares students well for the next stage of their life
    • which challenges students to achieve their full potential