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Ellesmere College Aims

Ellemere College Aims

 For achievement and standards

  • We want to create a college:
    • which has high standards for achievement
    • where all lessons are judged to be good or better
    • where a clear emphasis is placed on key skills (literacy, numeracy, social and emotional development)
    • where all students know and understand the next steps in their learning
    • which prepares students well for the next stage of their life
    • which challenges students to achieve their full potential

For students’ personal development and well being

  • We want to create a college in which students:
    • are happy and safe
    • demonstrate behaviour and standards all are proud of by following the ‘Ellesmere Way’
    • are independent in their learning
    • become committed to being lifelong learners
    • demonstrate respect for themselves, others and the environment
    • develop enquiring minds and a spirit of curiosity

For quality of provision

  • We want to create a college:
    • which makes the most of the local environment in a student’s learning journey
    • where staff are committed to their own learning journey and the sharing of quality practice
    • which achieves value for money
    • which becomes a hub college for excellent teachers and training of others
    • which provides training/career progression for all professionals working at the college

For leadership & management

  • We aim to create a college:
    • which has excellent leadership & management at all levels
    • which communicates effectively with stakeholders
    • which is committed to succession planning

What Makes Ellesmere Special?

  • We aim to create a college which will:
    • focus on having fun and learning together
    • place a strong emphasis on communication, sport, expressive arts, Post 16 vocational training
    • encourage students, staff, parents / carers and the local community to work together as a team
    • embrace technology
    • promote outdoor learning
    • respond effectively to the individual needs of all students
    • ensure that individual student learning journeys reinforces self confidence, self esteem, self respect and positive attitudes to learning
    • work closely with other professional agencies in order to create a learning experience that meets the needs of each individual student