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Year 7/8 Bases

There are currently 24 students in the Year 7 Base and 18 students in the Year 8 Base.

Each tutor group has a tutor and 2 teaching assistants, who are responsible, along with the co-ordinator, for the curriculum taught and the pastoral welfare of the students in their group. All students receive the majority of their education within their Base classroom.

Year 7 experience Science in the Science labs (taught by the Science department), ICT in the computer suites, PE in the Sports Hall (taught by PE staff) and D+T in the Art and Food Technology area, taught by their tutors.

Year 8 access the same curriculum opportunities with the addition of D+T staff delivering the D+T curriculum.

The Years 7 + 8 Base is differentiated to meet the individual needs of the students. The Thematic approach is currently being developed in these areas as a means of delivering the whole curriculum. Great emphasis is placed on Tutorial times, encouraging independent learning and a personalised approach to the students’ education. Students also have the opportunity to take part in enrichment activities throughout the year which include Rock School, Outdoor Learning, Social Skills Groups, Expressive Arts performances.

Liz Biscombe

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