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on Tuesday, 10 March 2015. Posted in News

We’re enjoying a busy week at Ellesmere this week. Thursday sees our Parents & Carers evening. This is a highly anticipated event in the Ellesmere calendar and we look forward greatly to meeting as many of our students families as possible.

The evening will provide our community with the opportunity to discuss children’s progress at Ellesmere College and get to know the staff who support children on a daily basis.

There will be chance for parents & carers to:

•             Talk to our E-Safety Officer about ways to keep your child safe online

•             Talk to the local Colleges about your child’s future

•             Talk to our Speech and Language Therapist

•             Meet the Transitions Team who are on hand to give advice and support

•             Collect your uniform orders (if you submitted them to school by 3rd March)

•             Join us for refreshments in our Café area throughout the evening.

Friday will see us hosting our second Community Coffee morning.  Visitors are invited to join the students and staff on Red Nose Day. The community coffee morning is being run by students and will be serving tea and coffee and a range of cakes decorated by the students.

Donations will go towards the funds being raised by the College for red nose day.

All access to the building will be through our front entrance and we have parking available on site and at the front of the school gates.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate in giving our reception a call on 0116 289 4242 between the hours of 8:00-17:00 and we will be happy to help!

Cups of Cheer

on Tuesday, 10 March 2015. Posted in News

This Friday sees the second of our Ellesmere Community Coffee Mornings. This time around it’s a Red Nose Day Special! We look forward to welcoming visitors to join the students and staff on Comic Relief Red Nose Day.

The community coffee morning is being run by students and will be serving tea and coffee and your choice of cake hand-decorated by our students

Donations will go towards the funds being raised by the College for red nose day. We hope to see lots of visitors for what promises to be an enjoyable, fun-filled morning.

Friday 13th March 2015 11.20 – 12.20.Cups


on Tuesday, 24 February 2015. Posted in News

The half-term holiday has delivered us back to Ellesmere with blue-skies, sunshine and the promise of a Spring about to be sprung. The morning chatter after a return from holiday is always full of excitement, energy and promise and the car-park was buzzing with vitality this morning.

The first term of the 6th Form-run Internet Café has been a great success. Students from the 6th Form have been providing and running a daily Internet Café during lunch-time, which has delivered comfort, security and fun for an average of twenty-two students a day. Students are dropping-in, hanging-out and generally enjoying and making the most of ‘their space’.

The Café is currently recruiting new staff from the 6th Form cohort to further support the growth of what is a hugely rewarding venture.

Ellesmere’s involvement in Safer Internet Day was a roaring success. S.I.D sessions were delivered during form time and as part of I.C.T lessons. Feedback from staff and students was very positive and the messages of the day were clearly delivered, developed and discussed.

We’re currently undertaking a comprehensive E-Safety review. Surveys are being completed by students, parents/carers and staff and the information being returned will see the development and delivery of targeted E-safety sessions and workshops. Information regarding workshops for external users will be provided online and communicated directly to the growing number of interested participants.


on Tuesday, 24 February 2015. Posted in News

January saw us affected by cold, ice, snow, wind and rain as we returned to learning, nurturing and achieving after the winter break but February brings promise of warmer times to come and we’re ready to bloom!

Comic Relief have contacted Ellesmere College and set us a challenge!!! On Friday (6th February) they want us to....Make our faces funny for money!

They will come to school, photograph us with our funny faces and publish the photo as part of their Red Nose Day 2015 build up! We are ordering red noses so that children can be wearing one on the photo. These will be £1 each if students wish to buy one.

Students will come into school on Friday 6th February with a ‘FUNNY FACE!’ This can be as simple as wearing a wig or funny glasses. Comic Relief wants to do this as a ‘thank you’ to Ellesmere College for all the money we have raised over the years.

Tuesday February the 10th is Safer Internet Day (S.I.D). Ellesmere is a keen partner and supporter of S.I.D and we are recognised regionally as key deliverers of e-safety engagement. This year’s theme for Safer Internet Day is Let’s create a better internet together. Students will undertake S.I.D-specific tasks and lessons and there will be a full-school assembly on the issues. A full-round-up and feedback from the day will be appearing here in our next dispatch.

More information regarding S.I.D can be found at http://www.saferinternet.org.uk/safer-internet-day/2015


on Friday, 12 December 2014.

The countdown to Christmas is now in full-swing. Friday morning saw us hold an extremely successful Christmas Fayre with more visitors than ever coming through our doors to grab a bargain and raise some funds. The cakes were a particular favourite with one stall-holder saying the cakes “are flying out!” Congratulations to all the students who took part and who once again did themselves and the college proud.

The college is opening its student Internet café after Christmas. Student IT technician interviews were held this week and 10 of our students were successful and have been appointed to posts. Training will take place on the 15th and 16th of December. Congratulations to all!

Wednesday 17th December will see us hold our traditional Christmas dinner. Babs and the kitchen team will be creating festive culinary treats and staff and SLT will be donning their pinnies and providing table-service for the students. The Christmas dinner is always a real treat and a great experience and the excitement is building.

Rehearsals are continuing for the college Christmas show that takes place next Tuesday (16th). The hall is a cauldron of music, song and dance and from the sounds echoing around the building everybody is in for a real treat. Everybody involved has put a tremendous amount of effort into the production and the results promise to be spectacular. If nothing else it offers the chance to watch the teaching staff up on stage entertaining us / making fools of themselves.

Walking in the Winter

on Wednesday, 03 December 2014.


As the mornings get ever slower crawling from their dawn slumber and the evenings snap like a final curtain fall, it’s as clear as the graffiti scrawled on window frost that winter is now fully embracing us. At Ellesmere it signals the true arrival of winter and the beginning of our countdown to Christmas (Remember to check that Christmas clock...only 21 days to go! http://www.xmasclock.com/)


Gale warning      hail warning

Sky sifts             high drifts

Finding bright     blinding white

Snowball           snowfall

Moonscape        snowscape

Frostbite            dost bite

Rococo swirls     hot cocoa curls

Icy glove            spicy love

Huddle in            cuddle in

Rock salt            clocks halt



BLIZZARD. Barbara Reiher-Meyers. 2006




on Wednesday, 03 December 2014.


Our first opening evening at our new school was a tremendous success. More than 100 guests came out on a bitterly cold night to tour the school, meet staff and students and take part in more than 40 activities laid-on for the event. Our students in particular were a credit to the school and themselves and were rightly commended by visitors for the positive, welcoming and friendly attitude they demonstrated throughout what was a very long day for them.

Monday 1st December saw Deaf Awareness training 3.30 to 4.30 taking place. Colleagues from Leicester learning Services came in to deliver the training with teacher Yvonne O’Donaghue. Fifteen members of staff came together for the rewarding experience which will enable us to offer increased support for our rising number of deaf students.

Students begin sitting their mock GCSE exams this week. Eleven of our year 12 students are the first to sit there’s today with others following on Friday. Good luck everyone!



on Tuesday, 18 November 2014. Posted in News


We are excitedly gearing-up for our Open Evening which will take place this week on Thursday 20th of November. We are looking forward to welcoming guests between 4.00 and 7.30pm and having the opportunity to show them what we do here at Ellesmere. Further information will be put up elsewhere on the website and keep an eye on local media outlets.

Our team of welcoming staff and student ambassadors will be on-hand to answer any questions about Ellesmere, what opportunities we can offer and our holistic approach to the care and education of each child and young person at the college.

The evening will provide opportunities to;

       Take a tour of our new school

       Talk to our students      

      Talk to our staff

       Take part in activities

       Find out more about our curriculum

Preparations are well under way for the Ellesmere Christmas play. Students and staff will be throwing themselves into acting, singing, dancing, working backstage, making props etc. We are staging a production of the classic ‘A Christmas Carol’. It might seem far too early for talk of Christmas but its coming and this place / blog will be getting all kinds of festive from here on in! (Follow the countdown to Christmas here http://www.xmasclock.com/ )


The Kids Are Alright

on Thursday, 13 November 2014.

Tomorrow is Children In Need day. As usual Ellesmere College students and staff will be throwing themselves into a whole range of fun, fundraising activities. The college will be holding will be holding a CIN Disco, Sponsored walks, splash swimming session, collections and much more with the hope of raising bundles of cash for this marvellous cause.

Is there any such things as ‘too much cake’?* Many of us will find out tomorrow as the Ellesmere Children In Need bake-off will see Maltby’s muffins, Joy’s Pudsey biscuits, Liz’s lovely cakes and many more baked sensations competing for our taste-buds and cash. (*Of course there isn’t).

The on-site BMX track is currently under construction. The heavy plant vehicles are back doing their thing and making the earth move. The students are used to their presence now and seem very interested in having them around. They’ll be even more interested in the legacy left behind and they’re bunny-hopping, bar-spinning and 360-ing their way around the track.

Our long-awaited Opening Evening is nearing the end of its planning and preparation and all will be announced soon. Keep an eye on this blog and our twitter over at @EllesmereLeic.

As We Turn

on Thursday, 16 October 2014.

Autumn is upon us and the school has had its first major wash as wind and rain have battered the building for the first few days of this week. The new school classrooms centre around four hubs, large open spaces on each floor, and these hubs came into their own during the first ‘Wet Lunchtime’ of the term. Each hub was a hive of creativity with each hosting a variety of activities to entertain the students.
Building work has begun on installing the play equipment at the front of the school. Work has also begun on landscaping the BMX track at the rear of the school and work on both will continue for the next 5 weeks.
Wednesday (15th October) saw the college take part in ‘No Pens Day’ with all students and staff for participating in No Pens Day, certificates will be awarded to all students. No Pens Day Wednesday encourages schools to put down their pens and to run a day of speaking and listening activities. 
"No Pens Day Wednesday gives children the opportunity to take time to think about and communicate their ideas rather than rushing to pick up their pencils to start writing"
Ellesmere will soon be ready for our Official Opening! A provisional date for the official opening is 28th November, please keep visiting our website (http://www.ellesmerecollege.org.uk/) and Twitter (@EllesmereLeic) for confirmation.


on Thursday, 25 September 2014. Posted in News

The first month in our new school has flown by! Staff and students are settled into the new building and routine and the school is back to ‘business as usual’ although, Ellesmere being Ellesmere, ‘usual’ can often mean ‘unusual’ because we do things differently here.

Students have settled into their daily routines with a minimum of fuss and staff at the college are full of admiration and respect for the way the young people have managed the transition from the old school to the new. Our new primary department has settled-in like it’s always been with us and it and has fast-become part of the Ellesmere family.

Staff and students from Ellesmere have been actively involved in activities to launch the 2015 Rugby World Cup to be held in England next September. Staff and students took part in the successful attempt to beat the world record for the world’s largest ever rugby scrum at Twickenham. Students also met-up with former England Rugby star Will Greenwood at Welford Road to mark the start of the ‘One Year Countdown’ to the start of the Rugby World Cup, where they got their hands on the William Webb Ellis trophy (Direct links to both these stories can be found at the bottom of this entry).

Recent visitors to the school will have noticed the evolving sculpture outside the main reception. Our Ellesmere ‘Totem Pole’ is being created by Chainsaw Artist Peter Leadbeater and aims to reflect the values held, lessons taught and journeys undertaken by those of us here at Ellesmere. Peter’s work is simply stunning and the sculpture has already become a real college landmark.

For more information about Peter and to see more examples of his amazing work and talent visit his website at http://www.peterleadbeater.com/

Ellesmere students help launch the ‘One Year Countdown’ - http://tinyurl.com/q6broee
Ellesmere students forming part of the World record breaking rugby scrum - http://tinyurl.com/kem9pez

Click on the pictures to expand

Open up The Door

on Friday, 12 September 2014. Posted in News

“Today I hurry off to school,

To work and learn and play.

I’m in a brand new school this year.

What a happy day!”

Last week saw us welcome our students old and new to their brand spanking new school. Everything is ready, everything works and everything is sooooo exciting! There was a real buzz around the building and the first day was sound-tracked by lots of “Ooohs”, “Ahhs”, “Wows” and plenty of “Where am I going?". The sight of students walking around looking thrilled with their new school is a joy to see for all the staff. Wide-eyed wonder is the default expression for most.

It’s inevitable in a new building this size that people will take time finding out their way around…two weeks in and I’m still getting ‘lost’ sometimes. The beauty with getting ‘lost’ in this new building is finding even more amazing spaces, resources and people on my way around.

We held a hugely successful training day featuring highly informative, rewarding and fun presentation sessions from specialist Ellesmere staff and experienced external partners. The success of the day will lead us on to similar events in future as we strive to remain at the forefront of delivering effective, successful work for our students.

‘Ellesmere College - Free inside here every Monday to Friday; Knowledge (Bring your own containers)’.



on Wednesday, 20 August 2014. Posted in News

We’ve been in our new school for over a week now and first impressions are…its BRILLIANT! Its big, it’s colourful, it’s exciting and it’s finally OURS!

Teaching staff have been making their way into school over the past few days…crucially we’ve made sure the kettle is plugged-in and available to all so it’s clear our priorities are well and truly in order! Over the coming days staff will be in school, transforming the learning spaces from the empty, bare rooms they currently are into bright, stimulating, exciting classrooms ready to welcome all our students for the first time. We just know they are going to be as excited by it all as we are!

The school will be a hive of productivity over the upcoming weeks as staff undertake inductions, training sessions and development. As the building grows so does the heart of Ellesmere and all staff are determined to make the most of the exciting opportunities the school presents us with and develop it and ourselves to our fullest potential.

Keep an eye on this blog for more updates on how we’re settling into our new home.



on Wednesday, 20 August 2014. Posted in News

After 20 years at our school in Braunstone, the curtain came down on the school building for the final time as we moved to our new school…in Braunstone! July saw the doors locked for the last time on the site on Ellesmere road and the entire contents of the school transferred a mile down the road to our brand spanking new building on Braunstone Lane East.

Over 1400 boxes were needed to transfer all the schools equipment, with a fleet of lorries transporting them the short distance to the new site. Work will begin shortly on emptying all the boxes to kit-out our new school as we set about making it feel like our new home. The Senior Leadership and ICT teams have been onsite throughout the move, ensuring that the ‘home-making’ process has begun and enabling us to welcome staff to their new home, before the really important people (The students) return in a few weeks!

During the last few weeks at the old site, Staff, former staff and former pupils alike took the opportunity for a final walk around the school before we handed it over for the final time. There were tears, there was laughter but most of all there was pride. Pride in what had been achieved over the years and pride in the role Ellesmere has played in the fulfilment of the lives of those who have walked through its doors.


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