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on Wednesday, 20 August 2014. Posted in News

We’ve been in our new school for over a week now and first impressions are…its BRILLIANT! Its big, it’s colourful, it’s exciting and it’s finally OURS!

Teaching staff have been making their way into school over the past few days…crucially we’ve made sure the kettle is plugged-in and available to all so it’s clear our priorities are well and truly in order! Over the coming days staff will be in school, transforming the learning spaces from the empty, bare rooms they currently are into bright, stimulating, exciting classrooms ready to welcome all our students for the first time. We just know they are going to be as excited by it all as we are!

The school will be a hive of productivity over the upcoming weeks as staff undertake inductions, training sessions and development. As the building grows so does the heart of Ellesmere and all staff are determined to make the most of the exciting opportunities the school presents us with and develop it and ourselves to our fullest potential.

Keep an eye on this blog for more updates on how we’re settling into our new home.



on Wednesday, 20 August 2014. Posted in News

After 20 years at our school in Braunstone, the curtain came down on the school building for the final time as we moved to our new school…in Braunstone! July saw the doors locked for the last time on the site on Ellesmere road and the entire contents of the school transferred a mile down the road to our brand spanking new building on Braunstone Lane East.

Over 1400 boxes were needed to transfer all the schools equipment, with a fleet of lorries transporting them the short distance to the new site. Work will begin shortly on emptying all the boxes to kit-out our new school as we set about making it feel like our new home. The Senior Leadership and ICT teams have been onsite throughout the move, ensuring that the ‘home-making’ process has begun and enabling us to welcome staff to their new home, before the really important people (The students) return in a few weeks!

During the last few weeks at the old site, Staff, former staff and former pupils alike took the opportunity for a final walk around the school before we handed it over for the final time. There were tears, there was laughter but most of all there was pride. Pride in what had been achieved over the years and pride in the role Ellesmere has played in the fulfilment of the lives of those who have walked through its doors.


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