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on Monday, 19 September 2016.

We’re fully back into the swing of term time now as we negotiate our way through the last of the summer. This week has seen record-breaking temperatures for the time of year and we’ve taken the chance to get the students outside and investigating the sights, sounds and smells of September. The brambles at the back of our main building are full of Raspberries, blackberries and rapidly seeding grasses.  I spent some time with a group of students who were absolutely fascinated by the heavily pregnant spiders nesting in the bushes and long grass. It is truly amazing what can be discovered on our doorsteps if one takes a bit of time to investigate.

 Ellesmere is pleased to be taking part in the Waste less, Live more Week Challenge for 2016. We’re in good company, joining over 30,000 like-minded people across the country who have signed up to the 101 ways to #WasteLessLiveMore Challenge so far. The focus is getting people to take part in activities which are good for people and the environment.

As part of the week (19-25 Sept) there are exciting events being held up and down the country to get involved in. Visit our Events page ( to find out what's going on near you. To get started, events happening this weekend include:

Recycle Week (12-18 Sept, nationwide) – a celebration of recycling, this year focussed on the theme of ‘The Unusual Suspects’.

The Festival of Thrift (17-18 Sept, Redcar) – the UK’s national celebration of sustainable living.

Do Nation Pledge (ongoing, nationwide) – building a movement of people making small changes towards healthier, more environmentally friendly lifestyles.

After last week’s record-breaking weather it seems autumn is now fully upon us. As one season ends and another begins, we move forward full of spirit and endeavour. The school is its usual hive of activity as learning, activities and projects move forward. The students are all now fully up-to-speed with Ellesmere life, with summer’s new arrivals now feeling like old hands! It's also great to see former students and staff returning to Ellesmere to help us out in a voluntary capacity. We welcome them back with open arms. It seems they just can't bear to leave us!

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