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on Friday, 22 April 2016.

Wednesday the 20th saw a group of students attend the Choices Unlimited ( event at Leicester Tigers stadium. Choice Unlimited is “The marketplace for independent living, showcasing information, services and products for disabled people, older people and carers”. The Event is organised by Leicester Centre for Independent Living (@LeicesterCIL). The Sixth form Social Enterprise group ‘ELLESprint’ were invited by event organiser John Coster in recognition of the outstanding work they have undertaken this year.

The event also saw the launch of the latest issue of VOICE magazine which features a brilliant article all about Ellesprint.

 The group took part in a Q&A with journalists from De Montfort University, DeMon FM and Leicester Mercury, discussed their experiences of Ellesprint with a number of guests and other contributors and met-up with lots of potential customers. We came away with two potential new commissions and will be meeting-up with those organisations to discuss new projects.

Importantly the students also had a fantastic time and a whole load of fun at what is a really special, inspirational event.

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