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Golden Hours

on Thursday, 27 October 2016.

We have returned to school following the half-term break and autumn is fully in the air! It’s impossible to walk up the path without the familiar evocative sound of leaves being trampled under-foot. We’re so lucky to be based on a site with so much greenery and it’s a joy to watch the different shades emerging as each day passes.

Yesterday saw us hold our parents evening. The event was really well-attended and it was brilliant to see so many parents, carers, families and friends filling the college. There were many, many happy faces so clearly we are all doing something right! The sights and sounds of enthusiastic students showing and telling their loved-ones all about the college and their experiences is hugely rewarding and heart-warming.

Today we’ve welcomed the Magic Theatre Company into school. They are performing a live theatre production of Sleeping Beauty for phase one. I’m certain that this will be a fantastic afternoon and a great opportunity to experience live theatre (hopefully I can sneak along and watch!).

For two weeks our Drama store has been turned into a Sensory Atelier (An Atelier is a workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer) to deliver a show/installation called Turned on its Head.  Artists-in-residence Liz and Caroline are working with the four primary classes from 24th October until the 4th November in the stage area. All staff are being encouraged to pop into the sessions to observe or join in 9:20-10:20 or 13:30-14:45. Some images of this wonderful experience will be appearing on here and via our social media channels very soon.

As ever sport is at the forefront of our activities calendar. As part of the Women In Sport and Physical Activity (WISPA) initiative, Girl’s kickboxing starts next week. Beginning next Wednesday lunchtime (12.40-1.10pm) in our amazing Sports Hall. All girls in all years are welcome to come along and try kickboxing.   This is an opportunity to try a new physical activity, meet new people and gain confidence.

There are plenty more exciting activities, opportunities and initiatives coming up over the next few weeks. As ever, keep an eye on our social media output for information. There’ll be more reporting on this blog next week…assuming we all make it through Halloween!!

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