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Here Comes The Summer

on Monday, 11 July 2016.

We enter the final week of term with a dizzying number of activities and events filling our diaries and timetables. This week is ‘Activities Week’ and a whole range of things are going on across the whole school. Students will be on-and-off site, taking part in unique classes and generally getting involved in things all around the building and outside spaces. It promises to be a great week.

Last Friday saw our annual Sports Day. With the range of facilities we have here at Ellesmere the sheer amount of sporting activities our students can engage in is vast and this year we took advantage and saw sporting excellence spread across a number of areas. Athletics, archery, running, basketball, BMXing, cricket and tennis were just some of the variety of the sports on offer. Congratulations to our brilliant PE department for organising things and well done to all who took part.

We also held our hotly-anticipated football matches between staff and students. It’s obviously ‘not the winning but the taking part that counts’ so I won’t mention the results but the staff ‘took part’ in two games that cemented their position as Ellesmere football champions.

We have recently established the ‘Ellesmere College Charity Group.’ This is made up of a small group of students and staff at present. Early next term we shall be inviting more students and staff to be involved in the development and growth of the group.

For the group’s first endeavour we are working in partnership with Dixie Grammar School to raise money for a school in GAMBIA that our co-principle Lisa Pittwood has visited. The first charity event is a non-uniform day on our Fun Day on Wednesday. A special ‘well done’ goes to Kyron, Villiam, Fazial, Lauren, Cain and Su S for organising this first event.

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