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Signing Get-together

on Thursday, 09 June 2016.


Yesterday saw us hold the launch of an event aimed at supporting students living with a hearing impairment. Colleagues from the City council’s Hearing Support Team held the event called a ‘Signing Get-together’ at the Sports pavilion here at Ellesmere. The day brought together deaf and signing students from across the city to develop community, communication, social and practical skills. We welcomed students from Merrydale Junior School, Ashfield Academy and Spinney Hill School.

A number of students across Leicester find themselves as the only deaf/signing student in their school. Bringing such students together with other similar young people can do wonders for the confidence, well-being and engagement.

Students were supported through several sessions and workshops including cooking, hearing-aid cleaning and communication activities. The pavilion was a hive of activity throughout the day and it was clear to anyone venturing in that there was a whole of lot of fun being had by some very happy young people.

There is a hope that the event will become a regular occurrence and on the evidence of yesterday it would be a hugely welcome and rewarding experience.





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