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Autumn Term Letters

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21st December 2018

Parent/Carer Drop In- All Parents and Carers 

PC group Jan 2019


4th December 2018

Parent/Carer Drop In- All Parents and Carers 

PC group December 2018


4th December 2018

Christmas Fair- All Parents and Carers 

Christmas Fair 2018 1


4th December 2018

Christmas Production- All Parents and Carers 

Christmas Production Tickets 2018


29th November 2018

Christmas Dinner- All Parents and Carers 

Christmas dinner letter 2018


14th November 2018

Children In Need- All Parents and Carers 

AS Children in need 2018


9th November 2018

Anti-bullying week- All Parents and Carers 

DA anti bullying week 2018


2nd November 2018

Communication Workshop- Parents and Carers of Primary, Connecting and Responding and MG students

DS communication workshops autumn 2018


19th October 2018

Christmas Fair- All Parents and Carers

Christmas Fair 2018 1


16th October 2018

Operation Christmas Child- All Parents and Carers

DA Operation Christmas Child


16th October 2018

Sixth Form Bursary Payment- Post 16 Parents and Carers

DS Post 16 Bursary fund payment


10th October 2018

Information about comouter and mobile phone safety- All Parents and Carers

10.10.18 MB Computer and Mobile Safety


3rd October 2018

PECS and Colourful Semantic Workshop- All Parents and Carers

DS PECS and Colourful Semantics


27th September 2018

Recyclable Fashion Club- All Parents and Carers

HY Recyclable Fashion Club


26th September 2018

Harvest Festival- All Parents and Carers

Harvest Festival


25th September 2018

Maths & Numeracy Workshop- All Parents and Carers

Parent Carer maths numeracy workshop


21st September 2018

English & Literacy Workshop- All Parents and Carers

DS English and Literacy workshop


19th September 2018

Parent & Carer Evening Appointment Requests- All Parents and Carers

Parent Evening


10th September 2018

Macmillan Coffee Morning- All Parents and Carers the Community

Macmillan Coffee Morning 1


5th September 2018

Ashby Statutes Trip- Phase 2 & Post 16 Parents and Carers

05.09.18 MD Ashby Statutes


3rd September 2018

Parent/Carer Drop In- All Parents and Carers

PC group Sept 2018


31st August 2018

Behaviour Workshop- All Parents and Carers

DS Behaviour workshop Sept 2018


30th August 2018

Welcome Back!- All Parents and Carers

TB Welcome Back Sept 2018