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Careers Education at Ellesmere 


Careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) is an essential part of the support we offer to students at Ellesmere College. Effective careers support can help to prepare young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life; it can help them to make decisions and manage transitions as learners and workers.

Careers forms part of our ‘Independence’ curriculum and is assessed through the Ellesmere Steps on Classroom Monitor

As options for young people become more varied and complex, it is vital that we support them to develop the knowledge and skills they need to make informed choices for their future. As a result, the careers programme has a whole-school remit designed to complement the rest of the school curriculum.

During their time at school, all students can expect:

  • the support they need to make the right choices for Key Stage 4, after Year 11 and after Year 14
  • access up-to-date and unbiased information on future learning and training, careers and labour market information
  • support to develop the self-awareness and career management skills needed for their future
  • embedded careers lessons covering options after school, the world of work, the job market and the skills needed for the future
  • a meaningful encounter with a representative from the world of work each school year; this could be through work experience, Careers Day, assemblies, careers talks (in or outside lessons), projects and visits
  • to hear from a range of education and training providers, including colleges and apprenticeship organisations; this could include visits and taster days, as well as assemblies, talks and meetings at school
  • the opportunity to relate what they learn in lessons to their life and career beyond school
  • the opportunity to talk through their career and educational choices with staff
  • access to one-to-one guidance with a trained, impartial careers adviser, by appointment
  • the school to keep parents/carers informed of their progress and provide parents/carers with information to support students’ career planning and decision-making. Parents/carers can attend Connexions meetings, by prior arrangement.
  • to be asked their views about the service they have received to ensure that the service continues to meet the needs of the students.
  • to have access to a range of support programmes to support their transition from Ellesmere including independent living and travel training, employability skills, work experience and transition programmes 

Careers Programme

  • At Ellesmere college our careers programme begins by exposing primary students to the concept of work through role plays, class jobs and discussions.
  • Students learn about key life skills including independence as part of the curriculum 
  • Students develop early skills in terms of independent travel, including cycling
  • Students develop a basic understanding of a range of jobs
Key Stage Three

By KS3 students begin more structured careers education

  • Teachers have access to careersoft- a careers support package that includes quizzes, simple games and information in an interactive form.
  • Employability is built into independence planning and teachers are asked to explore specific work skills and link the wider curriculum to a growing understanding of the world of work
  • Students take part in Enterprise projects and learn about the community they live in 
  • Events and projects are a key part of the phase curriculum, which students contribute as participants and leaders
  • Opportunities are provided as part of the curriculum to develop independence skills through class responsibilities
  • Students have opportunities to develop their independent travel skills in particular walking and cycling
  • All EHCP meetings from year 9 provide opportunities for parents/carers and students to discuss and set targets in relation to preparing for adulthood, including life beyond Ellesmere
  • Students have opportunities to find out more about different careers, including educational route ways into these
Key Stage Four
  • By KS4 students take part in a specific employability rotation, where they begin to look at evaluating their own skills and areas for development and creating CVs, as well as developing interview skills which they practice. Some students will begin practical work experience.
  • Currently the Covid 19 Pandemic affects our ability to take students into real life work places, or meet employees who have diverse roles, however this is usually a part of our programme.
  • All EHCP meetings from Year 10 provide opportunities for parents/carers and students to discuss and set targets in relation to preparing for adulthood, including life beyond Ellesmere 
  • All students have a 1:1 interview with the Connexions advisor. Connexions advice is provided to parents/carers as applicable.
  • Students access enterprise lessons developing their work related skills and experiences
  • Students have opportunities to take part in Sports Leadership and Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award
  • Students have access to a careers day in school, and information is sent to parents in relation to this and College open days
  • Students planning to leave the college at the end of year 11 have a bespoke transition programme including independent travel and college familiarisation programme
  • Students access work related learning experiences both internally and externally, with students accessing these subject to their development needs
  • If required students have a referral for an adult social transition plan
Post 16

In Post-16, students are encouraged to develop further practical skills through work experience and enterprise. They also study for a gateway employability qualification over 2 or 3 years which consists of modules building to the overall qualification.

We also have input from Hema Chauhan, a Connexions Send Adviser. Connexions works with young people who live in the city, however school pays for an extra 3 days to work with county students and attend parents' evenings.







Hema can be contacted at:
Connexions, Learning & InclusionSocial Care and Education
Leicester City Council
0116 454 1770/07712698010

Her role is as follows:

  • Seeing leavers from Year 11 upwards.  
  • Working with students in local authority care in Years 11, 12, 13 & 14. She interviews students, attendance reviews, (EHCP, PEP & LAC) and follow up with parent/carer for all.
  • In year 13 and 14 Hema will interview all students either on their own, with a staff member or parent/carer and attend EHCP reviews annually
  • Year 12 and 11 -Hema will interview those students who are potential leavers as identified by School and attend EHCP reviews
  • In year 10 – Hema will interview students who have been identified as potential leavers in the summer term.
  • For students for whom independent specialist provision is required Hema will plan to source placements outside the city, work with school and family to gather information/evidence for funding to be approved by a panel at Leicester City Council via the caseworker for the school, Anastasia Martin.

During lockdown Hema saw students via Microsoft Teams, however she can now come back into school.

For more information on Connexions Leicester please visit their website

For further information about careers provision at Ellesmere College please contact Diane Adams (Careers Lead) via our Reception Team on 0116 289 4242 or send an email marked for the attention of Diane Adams to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Careers information on our website will be reviewed November 2021

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