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At Ellesmere we want students to benefit from good quality teaching across a broad curriculum. To address that during KS4 students cover eight areas of learning including English, Maths, Independence, Technology, Creative Arts, PSHE, Physical Development and Understanding the world. We have chosen accreditations which allow students to explore these topics in a way that relates to their own lives and encourages the development of independence and confidence in the world. We also track pupils’ achievement across the eight areas of learning to create our own ‘progress eight’ equivalent as students will all achieve accreditations across eight subjects. In addition to those subjects we ask students to choose a further topic of study of their own choosing in order that they might develop resilience and character by exploring an area of their own interest which they may like to pursue outside of college.

The post 16 curriculum has a core aim to prepare students for employment. In order to achieve this students will continue to work on functional English and Maths and will also complete an Employability qualification which includes teaching from the Department of Work and Pensions.
Further to this, post 16 students choose a vocational unit where they will learn relevant practical skills for industry. As with students at KS4 post 16 students will also opt into an additional complementary course where they can develop life skills, team building and problem solving in a mixed age group classroom.
Students in post 16 will also be provided with a range of work experience opportunities to extend their learning and they will participate in one or more social action projects which are environmental and community based. 

Please see below reports outlining students results and progress at Ellesmere College:

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Steph Beale

 Steph Beale

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