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Ellesmere College currently admits students aged 4 -19.

All students who are admitted to Ellesmere College have an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) The Local Authority responsible for issuing the plan will decide whether a special school placement is appropriate. (In Leicester City this is through the Management Reference Group process)

Once the decision to seek a placement in a special school has been finalised then schools will be approached to determine whether or not they can meet the needs of the student as set out in the EHCP.

Parents are also entitled to give an opinion about their preferred school.

Ellesmere College admits students with a wide range of general learning difficulties and other associated need such as speech and language, communication and interaction difficulties and autism. A small number of students have social, emotional and mental health needs.

When Ellesmere College receives information from the Local Authority about a child, we endeavor to meet the child in their current setting. We also encourage parents to visit the College and talk to staff.

Once a school has been named on the EHCP then there is a statutory obligation to admit the child. Ellesmere College retains the right to decide which of its sites is most appropriate for each individual child dependent on age and pathway.

For further information about admissions from Leicester City Council please visit their website using the button below