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Parent and Carer Zone - Family Time

Family Fitness

It is really important to be physically active during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Being active is good for you physical and mental health by improving your mood, wellbeing and energy levels and readiness to listen and learn. To follow some simple work outs you can do at home with our Learning & Behaviour Mentor Sanchez click the links below:

Family Food

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak it is  important to have a healthy diet. What we eat and drink can affect our ability to prevent, fight and recover from infections and illness. Having a healthy diet includes eating a variety of foods including fruit and vegetables, cutting back on salt and sugar intake and staying hydrated by drinking enough water. Follow some simple recipes with our Food Instructor Alix by clicking the links below:

Toy and Game Library

This year has been very tough for many families and at Ellesmere we decided we needed to find a way to help families have fun together that doesn’t cost them any money. One way we are doing this is to introduce a games library because we know that lots of learning happens through play, and that family time is precious.    

The games library will be completely free. Here is how it will work: -

  • School will have a stock of popular games such as active games, board and card games (no electronic or computer games). These will suit all ages and ability levels.
  • We will add a list of all games to this page
  • Families will email to request the games they would like to try.
  • Games will be sent out on a Friday with the student. We might send an alternative if your first choice is already out and keep your request to fulfil at a later date.
  • You play with the game at home and return it after 2 weekends, on the Monday (so you have it for 10 days)
  • Games will be quarantined for 72 hours ready to be checked and re-issues to new families by the Friday

We know that occasionally breakages or losses will happen and you will not be charged for these, but we do ask that you do your best to keep the games in good condition and complete, for instance keeping breakables away from animals or very young children.  You will also need to make sure that if games have small parts, younger children in the family cannot swallow and choke on these.  If a breakage or loss does happen please return the game with a note. 

We hope you will want to use the games library and will have great fun playing with your little (and not so little) ones

***Launching in 2021 – Keep an eye on this page for further details***

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